Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Called to Smallness

Last night at our ladies' Bible study we talked about (among other things) finding the true purpose in our lives. It seems to be a very popular subject. There are certainly a lot of books about it. Most of them are very well written, with a positive, uplifting message, obviously designed to make us excited about our lives, our devotion to God, etc. Don't get me wrong, I'm not putting these books down, I think they all have wonderful things to say, some even use scripture to help you to understand. But with the exception of a few, most of the books I've read have focused more on me finding my "true" potential, dreaming larger than life dreams, being called to do great things for God. In my opinion, this could be kind of dangerous. After all, we're not all called to be the next Billy Graham or Beth Moore...are we? I admit, it strokes my ego a bit when I read in a book that the author believes that I am so stinking wonderful that to be called to anything less than ultimate greatness would be an insult to God. And then my imagination takes flight....imagine me and my husband leading a world-famous megachurch, bringing thousands of millions of souls to Christ. And I'm sure that our other ministries, like our Sunday morning TV broadcasts and our bestselling Bible study books would have Satan shaking in fear and trepidation. But maybe, just maybe, I'm not called to anything quite as elaborate as that. Maybe I'm simply called to be a small light in my tiny sphere of influence. Maybe my personal mission field is to be the "neighborhood mom", making my house a center of activity for my kids and their friends. Maybe my main ministry is to run the church nursery so that tired moms can have a break and be refreshed by hearing the Word with the rest of  our church family. Maybe I'm called to homeschool so I can educate my children in Biblical values as well as their core school subjects. Maybe I'm called to be a housewife to help my husband with his responsibilities at work and at home, and to make myself open to ministry opportunities that wouldn't be available to me if I had a career outside of the home. Maybe I'm called to be a career woman that can bring the love and hope of Christ to my workplace. Maybe I'm called to smile at the old man in front of me in the checkout line at Weis because it might be the only human contact he gets that day. It is true, God does call some people to greatness. But isn't it possible that He calls some of us to smallness too? According to the Oxford Essential Dictionary, the definition of small (when it pertains to people) is this: "not great in importance, strength, or power."  That got me thinking. I don't consider myself to be great in importance, strength, or power. I'm a housewife, not a world famous theologian. But my God, the One who has called me to live the life that I do, is. Although my life may be considered to be small in the eyes of the world, it isn't in the eyes of my King and Creator. How could it be, this is the plan He made specifically for me. When I finally figured that out, it blew me away. Everytime I have tried to do my will rather than His, I have been plagued with doubt, fear, anger, anxiety, and all peace fled from me. Now I am content to rest in the Lord and operate within the gifts He has given me, to use for His purposes, not my own. What is that, you ask? :) Well, it seems to me that at this time in my life I am called to homeschool my children until graduation from high school. I am called to serve my family as a full time homemaker, making my family my primary focus and ministry before serving the outside body of Christ. I am called to teach and mentor the youth in my church. I am called to be an encouragement and to minister to all I can, in His name. I am called to do whatever He asks me to, whenever He asks me to do it, trusting Him to equip me with whatever I need to acheive the goals He sets for me. Whether we are called to greatness or smallness, we are called. All callings are important to the cause of Christ, none are unimportant, weak, or powerless. Our personal mission fields may differ, but the outcomes should be the same, bringing as many people to Christ as we can.


  1. WOW! I am truly blown away by your blog post. I unequivocally agree with you. We are not all called to the same "mission" in life. If we were then God simply could have created all of us equal. Instead He gave us all different talents, strengths, weaknesses, family dynamics, etc. By using what He gave us, we can meet the needs of a more diverse cross section of people - whether it is the person in our sphere of influnce, someone who has suffered similar trails and tribulations, etc.

    Thank you for reminding us that we don't all need to be in the spotlight to shine God's light! God bless you sister chick!

  2. Ditto Michelle's comments... I couldn't have said it better! I am blessed to know you Theresa, and I am thrilled to see what God is doing in your life as you surrender your "little" to Him. "Keep on keeping on" friend!

  3. Thanks guys! I appreciate your feedback. :)